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Good news! Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange inaugurated

时间:2017-10-10 来源:浙江海港大宗商品交易中心



On April 1, Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange inaugurated in the Inauguration & Construction Mobilization Meeting of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone organized by the provincial commission and provincial government. The establishment of the Exchange is an important measure of Zhejiang Seaport Group to deeply participate in, serve and promote the construction of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone.

Zhejiang Free Trade Zone is one of the seven newly established free trade zones in China. It is also the only open-up zone of 11 free trade zones in China, which is characterized by free trade of bulk commodities. In the recent meeting whose topic was the provincial marine port development work, the provincial seaport committee asked and supported Zhejiang Seaport Group to participate in the construction of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone deeply, and actively promote the on-line operation of Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange.


Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange was registered in Zhejiang Free Trade Zone. As an important starting point of Zhejiang Province to build “a global first-class bulk-commodity warehousing, transportation, trading and processing base”, the Exchange aims to take the bulk-commodity logistics of the port as the basis, the financial institutions, traders, spot enterprises and other institutions as the main body, the port trading bulk commodities as the main trading varieties, and the standard warehousing system of bulk commodity as the credit base, and achieve trade financing and spot trading and other service functions of bulk commodities through the warehousing supervision, warehouse receipts registration, liquidation, and clearing business.

Next, Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange will rely on the geographical advantages and policy advantages of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, give full play to the status and role of the hub port of the world’s largest port—Ningbo-Zhoushan Port and bulk commodity distribution center, start from the construction of financial service system of bulk commodity supply chain, gather warehousing, logistics, trade, finance and other elements, strive to build and improve the industrial ecology of bulk commodity transaction and trade of the Free Trade Zone, and make contributions to promoting trade liberalization and global configuration capabilities of bulk commodities.