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Hanging “Combat schedule” to promote the trading system going on line

时间:2017-10-10 来源:浙江海港大宗商品交易中心


Recently, the “implementation schedule of spot listing trading system project” appeared in the office of Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange, which is a count-down and self-pressurized measure taken by the company around the goal of making the trading system go on line in October.

At present, the trading system of Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange has completed the bidding & tendering work, and has entered the development stage. The project team leader and the developers sorted out nine aspects of work including spot listing, agreement trade, bidding, etc. and 53 sub-work in detail based on the negotiation, and cleared the milestone of each sub-work taking 30 Sep. as the deadline of system development. The center also arranged a specially-assigned person to monitor the actual progress of each sub-work, and rectify deviations timely according to the “Combat Schedule” to ensure that each job can be completed within the node time.