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Zhou Weijiang, the deputy mayor of Zhoushan, surveyed ZHGCE

时间:2017-10-10 来源:浙江海港大宗商品交易中心

On Sep. 6, Zhou Weijiang, the Zhoushan municipal committee and executive deputy mayor, surveyed the development of trading system in Zhejiang Seaport Bulk Commodity Exchange.

The executive deputy mayor Zhou Weijiang listened to the report about the development progress of modules of the trading system and the situation of staff in place of the Exchange, and fully affirmed the results of the Construction Office of the Exchange. He stressed that the establishment of the Exchange is the key point of establishing Zhoushan River-and-Sea Coordinated Transport Service Center, and establishing the global first-class bulk-commodity warehousing, transportation, trading and processing base of Zhejiang province, and also the major promoter of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone in enhancing global allocative capacity of bulk commodities. ZHGCE takes significant responsibilities, and it is necessary to plan and arrange the work in each milestone to ensure the trading system going on line on schedule.