Membership Service


Q    1. When the customer login the trading system, the system prompts “incorrect username or password”?

A    (1) To confirm whether or not they enter the trading system from the official website of our trading center. Do not be confused with other simulation sites.

(2) To check whether the username or password is entered correctly in the English input method. If the customer has confirmed the username and password input are correct, but the system still prompts the error, please contact the Trading Center by means listed at the bottom of the home page, or dial the customer service hotline at 0580-8166192.

Q    2. What to do in case of forgetting the password or the system prompting that the account is locked after five consecutive incorrect password input:

A    Please contact the Customer Service and Trading Center by means listed at the bottom of the home page, or dial the customer service hotline at 0580-8166192.

Q    3. What is the white list function in the trading system?

A    White list is a list that is trusted and allowed access or authentication. In this trading center, the white list is the trading party list that the customer chooses to apply or pass. On the one hand, the establishment of the white list can facilitate the rapid transactions; on the other hand, it also continues the habitual modes of offline transactions of customers.

Q    4. How to release an order?

A    Select “Release an order” in the “Transaction Management” and fill in the basic information, transaction information and settlement information in the form. Make sure the fill out is correct. Click the “Release a Commission” button to complete the submission of commission application.

The system will automatically load the corresponding commodity attribute checkbox according to the product name selected above. The customer only has to complete the product information through the drop-down list or input manually (Note: items with * are all required).

Selection of delisting customers: if you select all customers, then all the participants of the trading platform can delist the order you have released. If you choose white list customers, then only the customers in your white list can delist.

Selection of the transaction way: if you choose the direct transaction, it means that the others cannot negotiate price with you but only delist and conclude a transaction directly. If you choose a “must” negotiation transaction, it means that the others cannot delist directly but must submit intentions by negotiation channels and you can select from the negotiations and conclude transactions. If you choose negotiable transaction, it means that the customers can negotiate the price or directly delist.

Q    5. How to delist?

A    First of all, browse the listing information on the trading platform homepage and select the listing information you are interested in and click to view details.

After viewing the listing details, click on the “Immediate Delist

input the quantity you want to buy and click buy and confirm, then complete the delist.

Q    6. How to negotiate price?

A    If the dealer needs to negotiate with the seller about transaction conditions, they can click “Execute a Negotiation”.

And then enter his personal transaction intention at “Release a Negotiation”, click “Execute a Negotiation” to complete the negotiation.