Financial Services


In the initial operation period, the transaction platform provides customers with safe and reliable transaction settlement and margin management services through ICBC e Commerce system.

Introduction of ICBC e Commerce system:

ICBC e Commerce provides transaction settlement, fund transfer, information reporting and other services for bulk commodity trading platform and its trading market members to complete transactions of relevant objects. The system has changed from a single payment and settlement Service provider of the past clearing instrument into an Service provider of “information reporting + transaction settlement + financing support”, which meets the bill payment and financing demand.

Compared with the traditional bank-merchant transfer mode in the market, it has following features:

1. Innovative account system: different from opening a settlement account in the bank as a custody account in the name of market for the purpose of centralized storage of member transactions, ICBC e Commerce opens a transaction margin account for the members to safeguard the members’ funds;

2. Abundant settlement methods are available for cash, electronic bills, L/C and other payment. The enterprises’ payment requirements can fully be satisfied;

3. A full range of capital support is available for multiple financing modes.